About container architecture

Our solutions are based on recycled shipping containers. Recycled containers has many advantages as a building block. In addition to providing a sustainable housing frame, the containers can be handled easily and has a flexible form, making them cheap to build with. As with LEGO bricks, containers may be combined in countless creative ways. Containers provide an interesting alternative to traditional construction methods.

The good life in container size

The increased urbanization has created congestion in the housing market in most metropolitan areas, and urban residents increasingly has to live on less square meters to keep the rent at an affordable level. At CPH Containers we do not view the condition of living on fewer square meters as a limitation but rather as an opportunity. Our philosophy is that an environmentally friendly housing with less - but intelligently designed space - opens up for fewer things and can give more peace and calm, more money for experiences and more happiness.

Intelligent design

In the design of our homes, we make an effort to demonstrate that with intelligent design it is possible to live compact. A life with all necessities close at hand without it being cramped. In our developmental work we are experimenting with the placement and integration of everything from kitchen and bathroom to cabinets and living and sleeping areas. At the same time, all materials are kept sustainable - from the insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling to the solid wood for the kitchen table and cabinets.