Developmental efforts

In CPH Containers we build solutions based on recycled shipping containers. As part of this work we develop and test new techniques that minimizes environmental footprint while improving economy, flexibility and quality of our container solutions. At the same time we are always looking for new ways furnish containers wisely and decorate them beautifully.


Central to the development is the containers physical construction or its "hardware". In addition to identifying waste resources as shipping containers which can be recycled to new purposes, we are working with full spectrum product development such as mobile foundation and supply systems, state of the art insulation principles, integration of renewables, smart metering and smart solutions to static challenges.


Most important of all is that life in and around our building projects are second to none. Therefore, we also work with "software" understood as containers aestetic quality and the overall social context of our housing. Containers are the framework for our work, but we adapt them in shape and expression from project to project. It is important to us that our projects are a harmonic part of their surrounding environments. In addition, we also work with anthropologists and ethnologists about improving neighbourhood community, residents' ownership to buildings, which can increase quality of life, open the buildings up to the rest of the city and reduce expenses for operation and maintenance.