In collaboration with public and private stakeholders CPH Containers develops construction projects that have a social- and environmental focus.

Container construction not only provide a unique and green architectural expression, but also allows greater flexibility and speed in the construction process. It is scalable construction without need of foundation and can therefore be installed in a fraction of the time it takes for normal construction. Moreover you can move container construction around. This opens up for entirely new ways of thinking about cities and housing. CPH Containers works with a number of innovative projects, including:

CPH Shelter. A completely new type of housing that shows how a combination of upcycling and Danish design and architecture can provide an attractive take on sustainable, flexible and affordable housing.

CPH Village. Denmark's first removable residence buildings, which changes location on the edges of Copenhagen as the city develops. The residents are urban developments new pioneers that creates life and finds the potentials in new urban areas ahead of the traditional urban development.

CPH Food Court. A defibrillator for vulnerable neighbourhoods in Copenhagen. It's a mobile food market and cultural hub, which - besides offering cheap and good street food - will create unskilled jobs, and provide space for concerts, performing arts and other cultural facilities.