Our construction is based on the upcycled shipping containers. In CPH Containers we see great value in revitalizing these old structures and it contributes to us being able to maintain a very low environmental impact of our products.

Without compromising quality we strive to recycle as many materials associated with the decor and design of our container houses as possible. For us it is about contributing to industrializing recycling og materials into a large scale source for construction for society as a whole.

As a society we need to build a circular economy and we wish to see our business a part of this transition.

Healthy materials

We also place great emphasis on sustainability in all materials in the construction of our container solutions. This applies to everything from insulation to kitchen tables to floorboards. We strive to create the best and healthiest indoor climate possible. Therefore we maximise the degree of natural materials in our housing and try to keep chemicals to an absolute minimum.

Social responsibility

At CPH Containers we call ourselves "social developers." By this we mean that we develop solutions that promote social objectives. Housing is a human right, and we strive to create solutions that ensure that even those with the lowest incomes can afford a decent place to live.